Winning Business: Federal and Commercial

Winning Business with the Federal Government and Large Commercial Sector

Global Resource Advisors will work with your company to devise a strategy on the best way to win Federal Contracts. We employ a “surround strategy” to recommend the best way for you to win. Sometimes, this means teaming with a larger contractor, bidding in a non-traditional fashion, utilizing “Super 8A” contractors, unsolicited proposals, responding to an RFP with a unique angle. We have contracted with nearly every Federal agency and can advise your company on the best approach given the agency concerned. There are many ways to win contracts from the Federal government…the key is finding the winning strategy for a particular opportunity.
  • Veteran-Owned and Operated. The Federal Government and large commercial entities often have specific “set-asides” for Veteran Owned Companies. Therefore, by partnering with us, we can help your team win business.
  • Super 8A Contracting. Super 8A contracting involves working with a native Alaskan or Hawaiian owned company. There are significant advantages to working with one of these companies. They are subject to different contracting rules then a company without this status. Global Resource Advisors has relationships with Super 8A companies in Alaska and Hawaii to help your organization win Federal Contracts.
  • Technology “Wrap”. A crucial step in financing renewable energy projects is having an EPC contractor provide a balance sheet wrap for a specific project. Global Resource Advisors has relationships with the majority of EPC contractors and we can recommend approaches to allow a large contractor to back your technology.
  • Commercial Entities. With our relationships with large federal and international contractors, we can partner your technology with the right company.